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BOB O'CONNOR (meladan) on Gab
HERE THEY ARE: Sen. Roger Wicker (Mississippi) 202-224-6253 Sen. Marco Rubio (Florida) 866-630-7106 Sen. Rob Portman (Ohio) 202-224-3353 Sen. Susan Collins (Maine) 207-622-8414 Sen. Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) 907-271-3735 Sen. Pat Toomey (Pennsylvania) 202-224-4254 Sen. Roy Blunt (Missouri) 202-224-5721 Sen. Lamar Alexander (Tennessee) 202-224-4944 Sen. Mitt Romney (Utah) 801-524-4380 Sen. Rand Paul (Kentucky) 270-782-8303 Sen. Jerry Moran (Kansas) 202-224-6521 Sen. Mike Lee (Utah) 801-524-5933 THEY ARE THE SWAMP!!!! I sent this to their emails: YOU SIR ARE A DISGRACE!! You say you are a Republican, yet act like a DEMORAT!! Your job is to support the President, not undermine him and...
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