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Tatianna - Hurt My Feelings [Official Music Video]

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Official Music Video For Tatianna's Single "Hurt My Feelings" Available On all Major Music Platforms. "Hurt My Feelings" Produced, Mixed, Mastered: Mark "Ariel" Barrie Directed by: Assaad Yacoub Produced by: Alex Lampsos Director of Photography: Geoff George Special Guest Stars: Laganja Estranja, Rhea Litre, Leon Espinoza, Jojo Guadz, Taylor Vusek, Christina Benthall Editor / Colorist: Rebecca Votta Choreographer: Devin Walker Dancers: Clarisse Biagi, Hennessy Rubio, Mahan Taleshpour, Eliezer Martinez Wardrobe/Costume Design: Tony Iniguez, Domino Couture, Tatianna Lyrics: -Verse 1 Too damn good to be true Can’t quite figure out you Why you wanna be here with me next to me...
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