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Taken by Cars - Neon Dreams (Official Music Video)

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2nd single off of Taken by Cars' 3rd full length album, "Plagues", now available on Spotify ( and iTunes. Director: Caloy Soliongco Executive Producer: Mike Shih of Party Bear Records and WYD Productions Associate Producer: Aaron Sumayo and Julo de Guzman Director of Photography: Marco Limjap Camera Operator: Kyle Macatangay Production Design: Patrick Topacio Wardrobe Stylist: Jeneen Dela Cruz Hair and Makeup Artist: Eponine Sindayen Production Assistants: Nica Jane Ferrer, Allyzon Nieva, Daniela Tan, Laarni Tiglao Choreography by Musse Cruz of Barebones Post-production Team Offline-online Editor: Kyle Macatangay Colorist: Lea Mercado of Barebones Talents 80s Aerobics Instructor: Matel Patayon 80s...
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